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Mr Price - Powerbank return

No resolution
Maria Swart
Maria Swart filed the complaint
18 July 2022
Goodday its ms swart i bought a powerbank at ur branch in mosselbay mall in mosselbay on the 25 of june 2022. Today i returned to the store to exchange the powerpank as it from time to time dies by itself. The person in charge calles himsels sasha had quiet a mouthfull to say to me he argued that all 5 phones in our house is faulty and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the powerbank in his opinion i explained the situasion many times to him where he callled his manager via cellphone only to be informed with an attitude that nothing will be done about the faulty powerbank. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that i will only be paying my account in full and closing it permanently afterwards as u are the first store in my life that ever questioned me on a complaint annd gave me an attitude about it regards ms swart.
Incident date: 18 July 2022
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