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Men's and Women's Clothing
1 Lacoste 36.8
2 Puma 35.5
3 Markhams 25.5
Mr Price9.9
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Mr Price - Poor service

No resolution
Alfred Jacobsen
Alfred Jacobsen filed the complaint
27 November 2021
I order a chest of drawers online and paid additional for delivery on Friday 26 November 2021. No delivery and when contacted they said they would call me back - no call. Called again on Saturday 27 November and they could not answer me as to when delivery would happen. I sent a mail stating that if goods were not delivered on Monday 29 November I would cancel order. They immediately responded by stating order is cancelled. Bad service plus ignorance and no help whatsoever from call center. Would not give me the name of a manager either. Easy to hide behind phone lines and incapable of assisting clients
Incident date: 27 November 2021
Alfred Jacobsen
Alfred Jacobsen rated the brand
17 January 2022

Apologies for late feedback as we were moving. This issue was the second with same supplier so will definitely not use them again. Furthermore on communication with their staff (telephonically) the attitude was beyond belief! If owners of the brand knew how their staff treated clients it would open their eyes or maybe they don’t care either?

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