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Mr Price - Poor quality

No resolution
Roxanne filed the complaint
21 July 2021
Good morning
I would like to complain about the quality of your products.
I really like shopping at your Mr Price Sport Store, but I am really disgusted with the quality of your products.
I bought 3 tracksuits in June 2021 one for myself and for my two daughters all of which are pulling loose at the seams.  All three of the tracksuits tops and pants.  I feel that this was a  very expensive purchase and definitely expected more from it.
As well I bought my daughter tekkies and within the first week of wearing them the tekkies pulled loose in front.  
I really hope you can assist me in this matter, as I feel I have spent a lot of money on something that is broken and I cannot wear it now.
Roxanne Becker0731670735
Incident date: 15 May 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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