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Mr Price - Poor customer service at mr price gugulethu mall

No resolution
Busi filed the complaint
19 December 2021
Good day , I have a serious concern about the service at Mr Price Gugulethu Mall , the staff there have no respect for customers at all , I had emailed you on your customer care email but I have not received a response . I was at the store on the 1st of December waiting in the que to pay my items , I am a regular customer at the store every month . Firstly there was only one till that was attending to customers while the rest of the staff were chatting amongst each other , while customers were being ignored quite a few customers were complaining about it , as this happens quite often at this store . The attitude they give you when they have to attend to you is appalling it is as if they are doing you a favour by attending to you , one of the till operators first let a fellow employee pay for her items while a customers were waiting to pay .The staff chat to each other while customers are waiting to pay , the attitude they give you when they scream out next customer it's as if the staff is doing you the customer a favour by attending to you , this staff needs to be trained they do not know customer service at all . The store is never open on time it is always past 9 , always opening late and when customers query it's always the same excuse that their tills are offline but we as customers can see them running around wiping down , when this is suppose to be done at a decent time not when the store is already suppose to be open . When you pay now at Mr Price Gugulethu Mall , they no longer ask you for your email address but you can see on the system while paying they skip that part to give you your slip , maybe because on your email there is a survey there a customer does that asks them about their experience this is intentionally done to avoid this. On the isles around the store you barely see staff , so if you're looking for an item you need to look for a staff member to assist you it's quite annoying . It's convenient to go to the store as it's not far from my home but if the service does'nt change , I won"t visit the store anymore and I wouldn't recommend my friends and family to either . May I suggest something ? Have mystery shoppers from time to time to visit the store , to see how staff behave around customers please and change management as well , I feel this will help . Please do something about customer service at the store as it a concern .
Incident date: 1 December 2021
3 January 2022
Still waiting for your response
17 January 2022
Still waiting for your response
26 February 2022
So disappointing that I am still waiting for a response from Mr Price.
27 March 2022
Very disappointed in Mr Price management still no response
25 April 2022
No response yet from Mr Price so disappointing
Busi rated the brand
20 June 2022

I never got a response from the brand , regarding this matter .

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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