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Mr Price - Poor customer care

No resolution
Thantaswa Primrose Mafunda
Thantaswa Mafunda filed the complaint
9 July 2023
Yesterdat the 8th of July 2023, I visited Mr Price in Matatiele around 12h50 with my 6year old girl to shop for some clothes and make a laybye so that I could take it out on the 15th of July when I get paid my salary, so we spent more than an hour shopping around and making fittings and asked one the ladies working on the floor if what is needed for me to make a laybye and she confirmed that it's only my ID that was needed, so I proceeded to the cashiers and requested to laybye the clothes as we were finished with choosing those clothes and I was only told that they did nto have plastic bags to store the merchandise for laybyes and should come back on Tuesday, they showed me white plastic bags that they only use for customers who buy and leave with merchandise instantly. I asked if they can't use boxes and they sad no they aren't allowed to. So I had the leave the merchandise instore and deal with my 6year old who was crying because they might be a possibility that when I get there on Tuesday we wouldn't find her correct sizes.

Why are you guys like this? Why can't we get informed as soon as we get to the shop that if we are there to do laybyes, we mustn't be use of those reasons instead of spending your time and only be disappointed at the end of the day or maybe right a note and paste it on the entrance door? No man I wasn't happy at all with the service
Incident date: 8 July 2023
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