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Mr Price - Polices cancelled but reinstated by mr price

No resolution
Victoria Tebogo Meso
Victoria Meso filed the complaint
6 May 2021
So I had 2 policies with mr price,A2B COMMUTER PERSONAL ACCIDENT PLAN and 360° PROTECTION PLAN. So on the 7th November 2020 I went to mr price store, soshanguve crossing to cancel them. Got on a store phone and I thought all is done. I got an email confirmation to cancel them and it was done. Come last month( april 2021) got an sms of updated from mr price insurance, then I got an email of policy updated and I replied to it but it was an automatic response. Now on my statements it shows policy reinstated, by who? Why because I cancelled them? Now they deducted the money from my account. Mr price is doing as it pleases with my account. I'm gonna need that money back into my account immediately!
Incident date: 6 May 2021
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