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Mr Price - Pathetic service

Faads 786
Faads 786 filed the complaint
31 October 2021 (edited on20 December 2021)

So i recently dealt with your store Mr Price at the Bridge shopping centre Port Elizabeth.
The service i recieved was shocking,at the time i spoke to 1 of the managers who couldnt assist ,take note she was willing to let me leave your store and to lose a 3000rand sale!I then called the store manager Marlene who asked me to go back into the store and hand my phone 2 the lady who a few min prior to calling wouldnt help me, when i was done in your store i messaged the manager who told me she would sort it out the friday when she returns .Still havent heard from her

I purchase a phone that was on promotion,ie you get a speaker with the phone,conveniently its on promotion yet no speaker for the customer

I asked the sales lady if the phone was a dual sim ,i was assured it it ,yet when getting home it only takes 1 sim

I wouldnt advise any1 to use this store at all .Clearly customers mean nothing to you,Imagine willing to lose a sale of 3000rand ?
Very dissapointing
Incident date: 27 October 2021
Faads 786
3 November 2021
After numerous emails still no reply from Mrp
Faads 786
Faads 786 rated the brand
17 November 2021


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