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Mr Price - Online order refund

No resolution
Benedictor filed the complaint
20 August 2021
On the 24 July I made an order through the Mr Price app and I got a confirmation email immediately after payment went through with Ref :107161477997 ,I kept checking on the app until on the 28 seeing that nothing changed i called Mr Price customer service and i was told that my order didnt go through therefore I will be receiving a refund, an email will be sent to me with needed details by end of business on the 28, nothing was sent. On the 29 i used whatapp to contact the customer service and i was told someone will contact me once they get feedback. On the 30 of July i had a mrprice whataspp chat with Yvonne who asked me to send details of proof of payment which i sent and she then said a query was created Ref: CRS15D66BD and my case has been taken up by finance and as soon as they are done they will contact me.

I kept contacting mrprice through whataspp and getting different stories about my refund until on the 18 August i called and the lady from finance said that this query has been sitting there since the 30July nothing has been done because they cant find my money from their records and she asked me if i sent eveything i confirmed i did send everything including a copy of my ID, she then said that Yvonne will contact me by end of business on the 18 and that didnt happen.

Today the 20 August i called again and i was told that someone will contact me before end of business im still waiting even now.

Can Mr price please refund my money.
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Incident date: 24 July 2021
Benedictor rated the brand
15 October 2021

Honesty is lacking and theres no truth in any call centre agent that we get through when we call. I called for almost 2 weeks and i was told someone is gonna call me back and they never did

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