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Mr Price - No service and response. thieves

No resolution
Shelly de Beer
Shelly Beer filed the complaint
24 November 2021

Shelly de Beer
Fri, 22 Oct, 11:35
to customercare

Good Day

I have a Mr. Price account (0320103120) Which I opened probably a year ago. I was asked if I wanted funeral policies etc etc etc etc.... and I said NO to all of them. Then my account was charged for these policies and I called and asked for them to be removed and I was told they would. I would pay my account on time and sometimes even paid more here and there only to discover that yet again I was paying for policies I did not ask for. I called and said to take these off and credit my account back. Everytime. Then I paid my account in FULL and asked the store to close my account which was not done!!!!

My account should have been a Zero Balance. Nothing owing. As no more purchases were made. But todayI discovered this is not the case.

I found out last week that my account is still active and thought I will buy something small and pay this then at the end of the following month and close the account, only to find that there is an installment due of R114.00. Which was very puzzling as I have not purchased anything on this account since paying it in full.

Then a lady at the store had a look at my account and saw that there is an Accident policy that was charged twice plus interest on the account and a service fee for my card. Totally up to R114.00.

This is ridiculous and this makes me very angry as I said multiple times I DON'T WANT any policies etc... Please explain to me how this is possible and where did I agree to this or sign for it.

I feel this is fraud or theft or something as I am being charged for something I DID NOT ask for.

I want this cleared off my account ASAP and I want this account CLOSED and I don't want Mr Price Group to ever contact me again about anything.

I will be putting this on Hello Peter and I expect an answer by the end of the day. I refuse to pay for something I did not ask for. You are a bunch of thieves.

Shelly De Beer
ID for account 8104030197083
064 559 8187

I expect a call soon.
Incident date: 24 November 2021
Shelly de Beer
Shelly Beer rated the brand
3 February 2022


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