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Mr Price - Mr Price - No refund after a month for money received no goods delivered

No resolution
Louise Verrips De Lange
Louise Lange filed the complaint
20 January 2021
On 5 Dec 2020, I tried to place on online Order via the App, when paying the order, the payment went through, but the order never generated. I phoned the following day during office hours to talk to a consultant in order to resolve the matter, in which the consultant advised me that I would need to send them a Proof of Payment in order for the refund to be processed, which I requested from my bank, and forwarded to her as requested. Since the 6th of Dec 2020, I have sent numerous Emails, following up on the refund, I have spoken to almost 10 different consultants via phone, and almost 20 different consultant via Whatsapp, to get clarity on the matter, with every single email ignored, every single call to the call center ending in the case has been escalated and someone will contact me, and not one consultant or employee from Mr. Price Home has contacted me or tried to contact me in this regard, I am beyond the point of frustrated, so perhaps think twice of spending your money with a company whom prides themselves in taking your money, whether they deliver the goods or not, and do not think that you will be eligible to get a refund, as they will simply escalate your constant calls, emails and Whatsapps, to no-avail.
Incident date: 20 January 2021
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