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Mr Price - Loadshedding

No resolution
Anneri filed the complaint

Hi, yesterday I wanted to get something for a birthday gift from Mr Price Clothing, went to the shop in the Mall during load shedding - it was closed. I located the stock online for the Worcester CBD branch, it shows 11 of the one and 8 of the other. I sent my assistant to purchase it as I couldn't get away from work at that time. She came back empty handed as she was told on the shelve/rack and couldn't find it - when asking for assistance, she was told it was not in stock. Strange but okay.
I then took time off work to rush to Mr Price before the next load shedding slot would start at 16:00, at 15:30 the door was closed in my face. With other customers also standing in confusion. I asked to speak to a manager as I know for a fact that Mr Price stores has a book where they can still do manual transactions, as long as you pay cash. I explained the situation, that I knew exactly what I needed it get and where to get it in the store. Needles to say I stood outside the store waiting for the manager for about 10 minutes - my transaction could have been done by then. Just to be informed that the manager will not be coming as he left for the day, I was then handed an empty till slip with the customer care line.
Went to the Mall, store closed - with ALL the other stores open until at least 4pm when the power goes off. I was helped after the power went out by the amazing staff of Mr Price Home.

I am very unhappy with Mr Price Clothing - poor service, rude assistants and over all a very bad experience.
09 Aug 2022
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