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Mr Price - Highly disappointed with the way i was treated in one of your stores

No resolution
MR Mongale Raymond
MR Raymond filed the complaint
7 January 2022 (edited on 7 January 2022)
Hi mr price group. Im highly disappointed with the way i was treated in one of your mahlakung metz, were by i was doing a purchase. Only to find out that they say i cant buy with my store card because i dont have and id book or driver's license. When i ask them what must i do because i came here to buy. They insisted. I even tried to take out a certified scanned documents were by there's my id and license. But still they denied me of doing the purchase. And for me im really disappointed ? because as for mr price you should have send us a message or something to notify us about how to do a purchase from now on.
That make me to take a decision of canceling this card. Because is useless, it makes me explain my self. Whn i want to buy something. Your service is very poor not happy at all. While i have ten years using this card.
Incident date: 3 January 2022
MR Raymond
21 January 2022
Not resolved
MR Mongale Raymond
MR Raymond rated the brand
13 May 2022

Nothing i can say, im gonna close my account thats it.

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