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Mr Price - Fraud no feedback

No resolution
Barbara Jekels
Barbara Jekels filed the complaint
10 November 2023
During Aug 23 a fraudulent transaction was done on my acc , i received a sms for a purchase on my acc in another town . Immediately i called Mr Price and completed a affidavit and waited for the process to complete . In October i got a statement that only the fraud transaction was reversed and that I'm liable for the interest amount. Note my credit limit shows R0.00 as well as my Miladys acc Note my account was before fraud on a R0.00 amount. Settled in full. i have made numerous calls and emails to Mr price I'm told i can get a new card at any store but my online profile is still blocked. On my credit report it still says Fraud detected and my Mr price account balance due is exactly the interest amount which means they did update . According to Mr price fraud transaction is sorted but no one answers my mails on my credit limit , interest to be reversed also my Milady's account was also blocked (recommended by them ) . Clearly they dont need business.
Incident date: 7 August 2023
Barbara Jekels
Barbara Jekels rated the brand
29 December 2023

Closing my accounts with All Mr price brands

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