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Mr Price - Fitting an item

No resolution
AJ Swartz
AJ Swartz filed the complaint
14 April 2021
I was in the Worcester Town Branch today 14-04-2021 @ about 10:30 with my girlfriend to browse and buy some items for our child, so as we were about to go and pay I saw a jacket I liked, I was gonna buy it so I fitted it on quickly before we go to the till, ontop of the tshirt I was wearing already so I didnt take any clothing item off from myself, so this lady came from nowhere to tell me not ask.. told me and I qoute " You can't fit something on the floor, you must go to the fitting rooms" unqoute. My problem is not what she said but the way she said it, and I immediately took the item off and left it there and decided not to buy it.
I was very upset about the way she spoke to me because Im a customer and have an account by them for many years now, I can't remember her name but she was disrespectfull and lacked customer service, I will not go back to that shop because even the supervisor could'nt care less about what I said to her about her employee.
Incident date: 14 April 2021
AJ Swartz
1 June 2021
I havent gotten a response, poor service.
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