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Mr Price - Docket number 7285 - 4 - 283956

Kate Mary Pearce
Kate Pearce filed the complaint
17 March 2021
I received a R500 voucher from my husband in July 2020. I then went in December 2020 to purchase goods at your Mr Price Store at Tygervalley, and was told that there is only R48 on the voucher, the gentleman then phoned your call centre and advised there must be an issue with the system and I was to come back. I went back about 2hrs later to purchase my goods and was met with the same message. I then went to your N1 City Branch and the manager on duty (Brenvin Newman) said he would sort it out, he phoned to say that I need to come into the store as customer care want to speak to me. I went back into the store they advised that the voucher had been used online, I told them I had not purchased anything online and they can check my address vs the address where the online goods were delivered. They advised they would sort it out. I then received a phone call to say the voucher is sorted, it was online fraud! I may go collect my voucher which has been reloaded with R500.00. I went in 3 days later and fetched (AGAIN) the clothes I wanted to purchase, went to pay with my "rectified" voucher that I was assured on numerous occasions was sorted out, needless to say the voucher now said there are NO funds available. I told the cashier that this is ridiculous, she must call Brenvin who advised that the voucher had been sorted! She phoned him and he said she must phone customer care, which she did, customer care / cashier then proceeded to tell me I can go walk around the mall for 2 hours and come back! I have a job and cannot afford to walk around a Mall for 3 hours (nevermind that this was now the fourth time I had been called in with a "sorted" voucher which was not sorted). I phoned Brenvin again and he told me he would follow up etc, I then phoned him a week later to say I have heard nothing and that this is ridiculous. He told me that customer care want to speak to me - only for me to have to go through the SAME PROCESS of voucher fraud!!!!!! It is now the 17th March and it has been three months! I have been more than accommodating with various trips to various stores and various conversations with Customer Care and to this day nothing has been done. I have not had a phone all in weeks with regards to this matter! If this is not sorted and a new voucher with my money loaded is not ready for me for collection by the end of the month I will take this further! Alternatively if you are unable to sort a voucher then I want my R500 back in cash!! Three months with no response and no solution is unacceptable and poor customer service.
Incident date: 17 March 2021
This complaint was considered resolved.
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