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Mr Price - Denied entrance into mr price table bay mall

No resolution
Winnie filed the complaint
5 February 2022
On Friday 4 February 2022 ,after finishing work at 2:30pm in Table bay mall l decided to go shopping at Mr price clothing in the mall since it's convenient for me.As l walked in looking at clothes a lad working in the store approached me and told me l am not allowed in the store because there was an incident of theft in the shop involving Mr price staff and the workers that work in the mall. I asked to see the manager coz l felt l was being discriminated against because l work in the mall. The manager agreed that he knows about it and doesn't want anyone that is working in the mall during their working hours and in uniform to come and buy anything because he is busy investigating theft involving people in the mall and his staff. I was very uncomfortable and embrassed as l was escorted out of the shop because of some theft l know nothing about and couldn't shop . The store is being unfair to us the mall staff because not everyone is a thief and you can't accuse everyone and deny us entry to buy just because his staff is stealing stock and selling to other people in the mall.I feel his actions were uncalled for as he is supposed to deal with his staff not a customer that has not done anything but wanting to support the business.
Incident date: 4 February 2022
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