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Mr Price - Customer service

No resolution
Onica filed the complaint
14 June 2021
I opened an account sometime in March and I have never used it and I received a statement month end of May saying that i am owing R216.00, I went to Mr price in Mall @ Carnival on the 07.06.21 they said i am owing account protection plan, I asked what protection plan because it's suppose to start after purchasing. I paid the R216.00 and I asked them to close the account. I went again on 14.06.21checking if the account was closed only to find that it is not, said now I am owing the R85.00, I dont know how??? I waited there for over 45 min calling their HO and i did not get any responce they said that I need to come back tomorrow because their HO it is now closed. I was being assisted by Phindile and I asked her if she can do it tomorrow on her own she said no, the HO will need to speak to me, why they did not ask for me the 1st time when I closed the account, this shows that they never closed it in the 1st place
Incident date: 14 June 2021
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