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Mr Price - Customer complain

No resolution
Dee Deekay
Dee Deekay filed the complaint
11 September 2021
Good day
So i went to lakesude mall Mr price to make a laybye of which i did, and i know for a fact thag i had a small bag of earings that i had with me of which i might have left by the counter after making payment, after i left mr price i went to my car but when i got there i realised i didn't have my small bag with me, went back to store and asked but i was told they have never seen the bag cool, i requested for footage to see if probably a customer didn't take it,i was told the store had no Cameras by Suretha i dont know her surname she went on to tell me that Mr price isn't her company why would she worry about cameras, i dont appreciate how this lady spoke to me when i requested to see the footage i need urgent assistance.
Incident date: 11 September 2021
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