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Mr Price - Bad customer service from manager

No resolution
Nonku Ntinga
Nonku Ntinga filed the complaint
4 July 2022
Dear Mr Price ,

I would like to report the most horrible customer experience from the store manger at Mr Price Liberty Mall branch. I went into the shop to buy a scarf , the scarf that I picked up was price at R10 using a sticker. When I got to the cashier the barcode did not want to scan , she punched in the number to double check. Then she went to manager to explain what had happened , A Black Male Manager (name can be supplied on contact) then went back to the floor to very the price using the other scarfs. He then came back to me and rudely said the product was priced with the incorrect stickers and I will have to pay R50. He further went to accuse me that I had put the price sticker myself in order to pay a lower price. I further confronted him about this accusation and asked for proof. I then told him to bring me proof from the CCT camera since he is convinced that I put the sticker myself on the price. He walked away and went to the what looked like the staff room , I heard the other cashiers say that he is looking at the camera footage. I stood for almost 30 minutes with no communication from him what so ever. Then a lady who I assume is the manager , came to the cashier to over ride the system so that I can pay my rightful R10. According to the Consumer Protection Act , if the incorrect price is displayed on the item , I have the right to pay the displayed price. My understanding of this situation is that a Mr Price personnel must have put an incorrect price tag on the scarf , when I picked up the scarf I expected to pay the price that was displayed on the product which was R10. The manager should have acknowledged this mistake by the store and tried to reach a resolution , instead of being rude and accuse me of fraud/theft , he should have not further waisted my time. What actually was the worst is that he did not even have guts to come back and apologize for his behavior , showing that he does not respect let alone value me as a paying customer. I am very disappointed to have received such customer service from such a reputable company and demand a formal apology from the Store Manger and Regional Manager as I was only exercising my consumer rights.
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Incident date: 4 July 2022
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