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Mr Price9.9
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Mr Price - Bad client service

No resolution
Milissa Krotz
Milissa Krotz filed the complaint
28 October 2021
I wanted to buy shoes for my 9 year old son but there was no price tag attached. The lady that assisted me at the till said we cannot buy the shoes because of the missing price tag. I couldn't belive that they were turning away business because of their mishap. I waited 1 hour for them to find a barcode only to end up having to fight with the incompetant staff. The manager could not handle the situation and left to go sit in her office. I was so disappointed. I really had a bad experience. I even asked if they could phone another branch to maybe get the code from them but apperantly their telephone line was not working. I think these were all just excuses to vcover for their bad service.
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Incident date: 28 October 2021
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