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Mr Price - Avoiding phone calls

No resolution
Shahieda filed the complaint
30 December 2021
I bought 2 items at Mr Price Sport yesterday. A swimsuit and a pair of swimming shoes. On the hanger of the swimsuit showed XL, and it had no tag on it. The cashier went to fetch another swimsuit with a tag on to scan.
When I got home, I saw that the swimsuit was a large and not a XL as it showed on the hanger.
I did not even bother to fit it on as I knew it would not fit me.
Then today, I tried calling them, the phone just rang, I tried about 16 times. And I between the phone would be off the hook. I would try again and then it rings, you try again and it's off the hook.
I then called customer care, the call center and the agent had me put on hold while trying to call the store manager, but no answer. She took my details and advised that she will send them an email and request them to give me a call.
Up till now 2 hours later still no phone call.
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Incident date: 30 December 2021
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