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Mr Price - Arrogant staff

No resolution
Lukas Nel
Lukas Nel filed the complaint
26 July 2022
To whomever it concerns

Today ( 26 July 2022 )

The Mr Price at Tambotie Mall in Randfontein has the most Rude Staff I Have ever seen

Half past 5 on a Tuesday, they started rushing me and my Wife. . .

We baught over R3000,00 worth of clothing and and accessories at the store but closed the fitting rooms

The one female that works there told me in a very rude manner toe put the pants back on the hanging rack

The one Jersey i fitted was too small and when i asked her if they don't have this jersey in a medium her reply was just " No " before i could even finish my Question. . .

After that i went to see for my self and there was three meduim sized jerseys that i asked for but was told that there weren't any medium sizes. . .

They rushed us till the point of us feeling unwelcome in the store.

My wife cried when we got home because she couldn't get more clothes due to us being rushed and the staff being Rude. . .

The female that told me rudely to put the pants back on the rack also followed us through the store not asking us for assistance but thinking we might steal something from the store.

If the staff that was rude to me and my wife won't be reprimanded and a face to face apology for my wife i will go to carte blanche

I see complaint after complaint unresolved and unresponsive due to lack of activity!
Incident date: 26 July 2022
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