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Mr Price - 64321

No resolution
Yulanda filed the complaint
23 November 2021 (edited on20 December 2021)
Hi Goodday I just have a complaint with regards to a MRP Sim top up for R100 pm I've never agreed to a sim top up I've never received a sim card and what was added to my bill was about R500 just before this was added I've updated my email address but I got statements then I got a call 2 months ago to give me my amount due when I realized that I keep on paying and I did not take anything so I've asked her to update my email address when I got a statement it was when this started a few months back I think April month and I have called in it was cancelled but I also called in for refund I was on hold so Noone could really assist me can I please get my refund of R500 Ive never agreed to any sim top ups I already have sufficient data and sims of my own please help.
Incident date: 23 November 2021
8 December 2021
Any feedback??
17 January 2022
Any feedback please
Yulanda rated the brand
14 February 2022

My complaint was never looked at and I got no response to my complaint nothing from the brand I'm deep disappointed ?

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