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Mr D - Reckless delivery driver

No resolution
Estian de Beer
Estian Beer filed the complaint
23 September 2020
The driver were driving on the side walk in the opposite direction and drove right into me and injuring me which was walking on the side walk... he stopped and asked me please not to report him he is wrong and is sorry. I told him that I am hurt and am going tp the police to report the reckless driving in the wrong direction and on the side walk where he jumped on his bike and sped off but I took photos of the license plate and got his name...
Incident date: 23 September 2020
Estian Beer
28 September 2020
How could the complaint be resolved???? No one have came back to me regarding what is happening or going to bw done regarding that. I have suffered damages because of the reckless driver so I must just be happy with that ? I tried to be decent and have it resolved here and not take to other platforms to tell what have happened. I will be going to the police to file a report as clearly Mr D doesn’t want to resolve anything from there side ...
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