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Mondo - Refund

No resolution
Anelisa filed the complaint
4 September 2023
I have ordered a phone in 2022 and it arrived in September and the first payment went off in October. I was advised that there will be a once off fee of R149.00 which was taken with the first instalment. On the 03/06/2023 another R149.00 got taken out and called the customer service line on the 14th of June 2023 and I was advised to send proof which is my bank statement and I did that and I haven’t got any feedback or response and I reminded the lady I was speaking to on the 23rd of June up until now I have received the refund.
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Incident date: 4 September 2023
Anelisa rated the brand
16 October 2023

They are so unprofessional, I have been waiting for my refund since June. I would never ever use Mondo and I would not recommend it to anyone.

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