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Momentum Group Ltd - Insurance claim pathetic service

No resolution
Clive filed the complaint
23 August 2023
Reported above claim on the 21st July 2023 .
Totally unprofessionally handled from a customer service perspective . Originally asked to take my vehicle to a panel beater in the Freestsate to get assessed - I live in Somerset West . Then told to take to Farber Coachworks in Somerset West for assessment , which I duly did . Then took ages to determine when to take my vehicle in for repair . Finally heard that need to take it to Farber Coachworks in Montague gardens - when I live in Somerset West - which I duly did to expedite matters . Took it to them last Monday . Was told it would take 4 to 5 working days . Phoned them then on the Friday only to be told that there was fender damage which wasn’t on the original assessment & which needed to be authorised and that the vehicle would only be ready today ( 23rd Aug) . I phoned Farber Coachworks this morning to see if my vehicle was ready and was told that they were still awaiting authorization for the additional repair . Momentum utilise a 3rd party assessment company NetAssist which appears to be where the problem is and thus don’t even seem to follow up with regards the claim - essentially then seem to wash their hands of the matter. I have brought this to the attention of my broker who is following up on this now as well . Another complaint is that when phoning the call centre to follow up on the matter , I am just dismissed and told that it’s in the hands of Net Assist . When trying to talk on the line to the call centre one also cannot hear due to background noise . Momentum insist on doing everything telephonically and yet don’t provide their staff with adequate resources like no background noise . Very unprofessional all of the above both with regards Momentum Insure , Netassist and the panel beater Farber Coachworks - who couldn’t even do the initial assessment correctly .
Incident date: 21 July 2023
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