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Mercantile Bank Limited - Mercantile bank - useless

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Jaco Ebersohn
Jaco Ebersohn filed the complaint
6 April 2024
1. Mercantile more down than up. Today second time in a month that I had to walk out of Shoprite because I could not make a payment......Bank Systems down.
2. Because Mercantile Bank is down, I tried to transfer money to my bank account with another bank and Mercantile bank can only say " Beneficiary Bank not available"!!!!!!! Cannot even make a transfer of my money. This is how they will leave you high and dry!!!!!
3. Was on the phone to Mercantile Customer care for over an hour and got cutoff 3 times!!!
4. Trying to add my Debit Card to my Google Wallet. Came back that my Mercantile card cannot be added to Google BUT Mercantile Bank feel is great to still charge me R8-00 fees enough They know their cards cannot be loaded on Google Wallet. I do not believe this Bank!!!!!!!!!
Please people this is not a bank you want to be a client off. They will drop you when you needed them most!!!!!! Be careful!!!!!!
Incident date: 6 April 2024
Jaco Ebersohn
Jaco Ebersohn rated the brand
18 May 2024

Shocking!!!! All I can say.

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