Merafong District Municipality
Merafong District Municipality
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Merafong District Municipality - Billing and electrical meter box

No resolution
sy filed the complaint
7 November 2023
The Billing by Munucipality makes difficult for me to keep up with payment of services. I try not to use electricity, as i use Gas for cooking and Solar for lights, Electricity i use for fridge and TV and charging cell phones. They disconnected my services in September 2023, and on they asked me to pay R4000.00 before they reconnect. And I paid it, and we agreed to pay R500 more in my monthly billing, but at the same time they billed me R1000 for reconnect even after i paid R4000 agreed upon, I found this very unfair billings, as they never mention if there is another reconnection fee.
we are pensioners ,since I applied for electricity meter box and indigenous

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Incident date: 7 November 2023
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