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Markhams - Payed up, no credit bureau update

rishaunn filed the complaint
4 October 2023
Accounts was in arrears, payed in full. now suddenly i have to pay more than R3000 for a debt collector. I never made arrangements with a debt collector to pay my account. the account is payed in full, now Markhams refuse to update my details on the credit bureau. Not only does it lower my creditscore but it labels me as bad payer. I have proof of payment.
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Incident date: 3 October 2023
18 October 2023
My profile was updated, but there's still an outstanding balance of R3069. apparently owing debt collector. Uninformed customers get the short end off the stick when it comes to them abusing customers. They act according to the law yet the law doesn't protect consumers against their unethical ways of robbing consumers of their hard earned money. The debt collector claims they have made contact with me. They've made contact with my previous mobile number, whereas I've a new number updated on the credit bureau, funny they didn't see that. Summit Financial Partners will be handling the matter soon, as I already consulted with them.
3 November 2023
I decided to pay "the full outstanding amount" once again. Received a paid up letter. Now Markhams has to update it on the credit bureau. I can't wait to see how long it's going to take.?
rishaunn rated the brand
5 November 2023

The staff is always friendly, merchandise is excellent. If however you fall behind on payment/installment that is where your problems start. They pretend to listen to your situation but don't assit you, they'll just hand you over.

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