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Markhams - Laptop unhappiness due to incompetence

No resolution
Dwight filed the complaint
2 December 2023
On The 24 of Nov 2023 brought a Axz HP 15 celeron 256gb ssd Laptop R5999.00 that was faulty as it kept on restarting and freezing after it was set up and all of the software updates was installed .

Visited the Cape Gate Marhams store on the 26.11.2023 spoken to Evelyn the Manger on the to return the laptop we came to resolution to I can get a different laptop In return .

Told her that there is one in particular that I have in mind which was at the HI Store which falls under the TFG umbrella at Parow centre . Advised her that the deal is only until the 30.11.2023 . Told her she can ask for Mel as for Mel at the HI store by Parow Centre as she is keeping the Laptop for me aside. All is well we agreed she said she will get back to me once everything is sorted as she will request for the HP 15s Intel® Core™ i5 1155G7 8GB laptop R4999 original price R9999 to be delivered to her branch.

The Monday I called Mel at the HI store in Parow Centre to advise her that Evelyn will be in touch with her and fetch the laptop that she is keeping aside for me as the deal ends the 30.11.2023 . Called the Cape Gate Marhams store numerous of times on the 27.11.2023 also to ask what is the progress of my request , however the phone just rings . Visited the Cape Gate Marhams store on the 28.11.2023 Evelyn the Manager was not in that particular day , Spoken to Stefan the stand in person for her he told me that he will personally make sure that this gets sorted when Evelyn is back as he can't do anything as it's her query I was being told by him . He was fully aware of the situation so there was someone that was capable to assit me and i was very disappointed due to his refusal .The next day nobody called me I was getting worried , called again the phone just rings 021 980 7833 .

02.12.2023 went again to Cape Gate Marham store to get the laptop which was promised to me , to my disappointment I did not get what I was promised and I'm a student who is studying and who urgently needs a laptop to continue my studies.

I got Evelyn at the door she asked me if no-one called me I told her that nobody called me as I'm still waiting on her . She didn't do anything no laptop she instead asked some other guy to get involve who told me that they can't request a laptop from the HI Store as it's not part of there store base which doesn't make sense to me as I was told by the incompetent manager Evelyn it is possible now all of a sudden its not possible which was a complete shock for me ...

This is unacceptable I'm truly unsatisfied with all of the above actions I've lost out on a deal which I could've gotten if Evelyn the Manger of Cape Gate Marham did her job right the first time I wouldn't have been in this unhappy position.

Very unhappy with there service I've received as I had to drive multiple times as I didn't hear any feedback from Evelyn the Manager of Marham Cape Gate as her job was only to refund the laptop but she insided that she will get me a replacement.

Please assist with getting me the laptop HPP 15s Intel® Core™ i5 1155G7 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Storage Laptop i wanted at the same price of R5000
Incident date: 2 December 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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