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Markhams - Attitude from a manager

No resolution
Reneè Motshwane
Reneè Motshwane filed the complaint
17 August 2023
On the 16.08.2023 I went to Fourways Markhams for a credit..I was humiliated,disrespected,belittled to say the list by the manager (Busisiwe) If that is her real name. They laughed at everything I was saying as I explained my issue. There was 4 ladies standing behind the counter all the’manager ‘ kept calling me lovey which I find it disrespectful..I was shaking and very upset about the whole incident..I called head office their phone just rings..I was told by the so called manager to take the t-shirt back to Clearwater the disrespect..the price is still on it hasn’t been worn because I didn’t have a receipt but bought on my account I couldn’t understand.As I was leaving I said to hee tomorrow I am bringing back this t-shirt for credit she(Busisiwe) said are telling me or asking me..still believe the whole manager.
Incident date: 17 August 2023
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