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Markhams - Account blocked

Glayvia filed the complaint
20 December 2021
I went to the Markham George Branch yesterday, wanting to get a new card as my one struggle to swipe.Then the lady said my I'd picture do not reflect they system. Then she called the head office to check a guy there speak to me saying they need to ask security question just to get a new actived card. What is my other retail account to do with markham as they ask how long i have the account i need to be specific. And when last i paid the account and how much. By this details he block my account. Now i can purchase.then the lady i store said i need to get bank statement en my I'd that i went and get for them. Then the office is close who handle with the updates.Even this morning i have to call the branch and only then this lady tell me the documents was unclear. What about customer service let the client know.but no i need to call them .now i still have not get this sorted out.they need to unblock my account. How am i suppose to purchase from stores.i need my credit.this how they treat they clients not good.
Incident date: 19 December 2021
Glayvia rated the brand
3 January 2022

The was resolved only after taking Id, bank statements. And speaking to the investigations department several times.and for us to go in store self.

This complaint was considered resolved.
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