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Makro - Not satisfied with makro service

No resolution
Jenny filed the complaint
12 December 2023
I'm really disappointed and surprised by the poor customer service I've experienced recently with MakroSA. On November 29th, 2023, I placed an order for a couch on your website with the expectation of receiving it within 2 to 5 days. However, after waiting for 6 days without any sign of the couch, I reached out to your customer service team. They informed me that the delivery might take 7 to 10 days, promising it would arrive before December 13th. I was okay with this.

But the very next day, I received an email saying my order was canceled due to the item being out of stock. Strangely, when I checked Makro's site, the same couch was still available, albeit at a higher price.

Immediately, I called customer service again and spoke to another representative, who assured me that my concern was logged as a query and someone would follow up. Sadly, no one did. I tried again the next day and spoke to another representative with no success.

I've spoken to at least three different people from your customer service team, and none of them were able to assist or show any concern. I'm left wondering why there's a customer service line when each interaction proves more unhelpful than the last.

Today, I finally spoke to someone claiming to be a "manager," and I was shocked at the poor level of service I received. Communication was difficult, and she mentioned that the couch was initially on promotion but now I'd have to pay the full current price listed on the website. She assured me she would try to resolve it, but I'm still waiting for any follow-up. I can't understand why my order was canceled when there was still time for you to fulfill it. Today is only December 11th, so there was ample time to deliver the couch I rightfully paid for!

Honestly, I find it hard to believe that the couch went out of stock. It seems more like the promotion ended, and now there's a push for more money for the item.

I've previously ordered items for my new home from Makro without issues, but it's disappointing that when it comes to a more expensive item, the experience is a letdown. It feels like a scam. I'll avoid ordering anything from Makro in the future, and I hope my feedback helps prevent others from experiencing similar situations.

Please share my experience so others are aware of the situation.

Today I received a call from a team representative advising that they have chatted to the sellers and agreed that I can now get my couch for the price I originally paid, but that I now have to pay a delivery fee when on the website it states that Makro offers free delivery for orders over R 500.. sorry but that is not a solution.

A dissatisfied customer...
Incident date: 29 November 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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