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Makro - Complain of staff members

No resolution
Stefaans filed the complaint
19 March 2024
Good day.
We stopped at your store on Friday at Polikwane. Lady at enterance door welcomed us nicely. Went to customer counter to get a pensioners card. Have to be 60 but i'm legale pensioner at 55,so They did'nt help me, so no discount for us. Went inside the store to get the stuff we wanted. Help was no where to see. Most of the staff was on their cellphones, we had to ask for help. Got what we nead and went to pay. At the pay till the lady did not even great us,just where is your card. Nice friendly staff u have! Payed and went to security,what a nice lady. Nearly told here she could learn manners to the Makro staff. What a discrace to shop at that store. What if there is people form other countries that see that lack of dissiplan.Let me tell u that was the last time we will go and shop at Makro.
Incident date: 15 March 2024
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