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Makro - Bad service and lying to customer

Graham James
Graham James filed the complaint
28 July 2023
Makro advertised Lancewood cheese 1.2kg mini block for R88. 95 each. At store told sold out but on fridge note said wrong price was advertised. I have been using Makro from when the opened and they have never in my experience run out of stock. When I complained to management the attitude was disgusting saying it was to bad for me. I enquired from a packer and he said they were removed from the shelves due to the ad mistake, so someone is lying, manager ot the packet. I dont know how to forward the ad or the note on the fridge. Plse let me know if needed. Thank you for your great service which I have used before. Regards Graham James
Incident date: 28 July 2023
Graham James
11 August 2023
No responce from Makro as usual their customer service is getting worse by yhe day
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