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Lewis Stores

Lewis Furniture - They fetched the machine

No resolution
Moeneerah Wilson
Moeneerah Wilson filed the complaint
31 May 2021
I am disappointed in this company and branch.. I made two payments on one day I was in arrears for a R69. I told them to put it on the new bill, but I will make payment. They collected the washing machine demanding almost a R900. I will never purchase from this store ever again. The way the manager Pauline went on with me is like I was running away with the machine. I made a deposit of R550 to get the washing machine my bank account was debited the 1st of December 2020 they wanted to debit on the 21st December again so the payment did not go through. I made two payments for January and February 2021. They came to ftch the machine in March 2021. I did not get any deposit back
Incident date: 31 May 2021
Moeneerah Wilson
Moeneerah Wilson rated the brand
15 October 2021

I wouldn't recommend this company

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