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Lewis Furniture - Payments made

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Moeneerah Wilson
Moeneerah Wilson filed the complaint
11 February 2021
I made a payment of R870 an they have been calling me and saying I must pay a R61. I told them that I do not have now because I made two payments that came to R870.. They insisting an making harassing calls to my work an family saying if I don't pay the R61 they will collect my washing machine. The way the Watergate store manager is going on is like I haven't paid for three months. My account is only short a R61 that I told them I can pay it at the end of February. They said it will reflect as a arrears amount I said it's fine I will pay the arrears amount an my normal bill. But to phone every single day an demanding me to pay the R61 today is unacceptable.. Where I made it clear I will pay it at the end of the month.
Incident date: 11 February 2021
Moeneerah Wilson
Moeneerah Wilson rated the brand
10 September 2021

I think they are ridiculous and they are in so a hurry to rub things off from you just to make a sale.. An when you pay a few days late they are quick to collect the items.. But they also don't reimburse you your money back. I will never buy or take anything on credit by them ever again..

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.

this ppl is busy sucking us dry

I have been paying R1050 every month for 7 month and i am still with a due balance of R16 108..FROM R18 270.74

I will never purchase by them again

Seems like this is a new policy of Lewis, my niece bought a fridge for me which was delivered to my house-she short paid by R40 AND GUESS WHAT-LEWIS SEND THE TRUCK OUT WITH THE MANAGER TO COLLECT THE R40-THIS MONTH I TOLD HE NOT TO PAY COS I WANT TO TELL THEM WHATS ON MY MIND KNOWING they will harass me as they knew the fridge was for me-though I'm not the account holder-this lady phone me so many times saying its my duty to pay -i told her to stop HARASSING me as its not my account-yes i with held the payment cos i am gatfull of Lewis in retreat-not one month is my niece in arrears and the plan was to pay it doudle this month -i know they cant collect the fridge- as my niece is not 3 months behind-i wish they can take the blady fridge and give the money back we paid so far-STAY AWAY FROM THE