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Lewis Stores

Lewis Furniture - Bad service and poor quality

No resolution
Annelize filed the complaint
21 October 2021
1st i bought bicycles that was stolen i put in a claim with their insurance it was declined after 6 months they came back and said now the claim is approved and they will deliver new bicyles this is now 4 month later not bikes and NO COMMUNICATION, We also bought a bed set within the first month the headboard broke from the side tables this will also be replaced 2 months Later nothing, The bed that we bought is falling in in the middle this also will be replaced 2 months later nothing - NO COMMUNICATION FROM THE BM REFILWE OR HER STAFF MEMBER CHRIS. THE SELL POOR QUALITY FURNITURE FOR REDICOULES PRICES THEIR SERVICE IS UP TO !@#$@#%$. I TRIED PHONING THEM AGAIN THIS MORNING NO ANSWER ON THEIR PHONE - I REFUSE TO PAY THIS ACCOUNT UNTIL THE ABOVE IS SORTED OUT AND THEY BETTER NOT BLACK LIST ME !!! OR MY HUSBAND AS WE HAVE 2 ACCOUNTS WITH THEM
Incident date: 1 April 2021
Lewis Furniture
18 November 2021
We acknowledge and are in receipt of the complaint/enquiry, and are in the process of investigating the matter.

Our reference number is: 741801
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
Annelize Author
21 October 2021

Dont buy from lewis bad bad quality