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Lewis Furniture - Bad service

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Rethabile Monaheng
Rethabile Monaheng filed the complaint
21 July 2021
I complaint about the defective bed of which it's going to 3rd month since I have been waiting for my new ordered bed. Here is the problem.
So I came today after a month to find out about the bed. So I get the manager that tells me that the person dealing with my bed is out of the store. Then I ask the manager what's the way forward, she then ask me what did this guy dealing with my complaint say the last time I was in the store, I tell her that the bed is ordered. She then tells me that if its ordered, it's out of their hands, that's when I got frustrated and asked after all the leniency I gave the store is that the best answer they can give me? She then ask me why am I shouting, i ask her what's there for me to do if a manager tells me that it's out of their hands without giving me a solution? She starts asking me questions that if her husband was here was going to shout at her or if the manager was a male person coz she is a woman before she is manager of the store. So I'm puzzled that we can be threatened with GBV as customers coz of the incompetence of the store, to make a situation worse is that they wanted to call security on me to throw me out. And that I'm taking out my frustration caused by them on them just because I'm a "customer". I asked for the manager's name so I can complain, she said she does not have a name. I asked her to atleast follow up on my original complaint, she responded by saying that she not going to do it and I must wait for the person dealing with it.
I'm not sure if this was the training given for customer service training coz wow its shocking.

Lewis in Parow
Voortrekke road
Cape town
Incident date: 21 July 2021
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