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Lewis Furniture - Incorrect amount

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Jestine filed the complaint
13 March 2021
Good day All Trust that this mail finds you well? Please assist with the below, maybe I am illiterate but this just not make sense to me. I have an account with your company , of which I opened it on the 27 July 2020. The opening amount was R18 270.47 I have been paying this account every month and yes 11 March 2021 when I checked my credit bureau the outstanding amount from your company show R16 108. SO NOW PLEASE , WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO INFORM ME IS THAT OVER 7 MONTHS OF PAYING R1 050.00 , MY CURRENT BALANCE IS R16 108. Please we are living in hard times and I truly don’t have the time to repeatedly enquire about my balance, as I find that falls under your job description to assist me with this issue at hand and make sure that each month I pay it reflects properly on my account. I do acknowledge that there is insurance premiums being added to the balance due BUT after paying for seven months (R1 050.00) per month and I am still outstanding R16 108.00 COME ON I find this unacceptable! Just sort out this problem and please make sure that my credit bureau is updated on a monthly basis. Thank you Jestine Dinizhu
Incident date: 13 March 2021
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