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Lancet Laboratories - Statements:

Awaiting reply
Amanda Grobler
Amanda Grobler filed the complaint
26 March 2024
Received the Statement. M17787600 and M17301812 Checked with Medical Aid, Lancet used incorrect ICD-10 codes as well as group blood tests, this has been ongoing since November 2023 up to date.
Phoned weekly to follow up. Drs rooms also gave advice on Account submitted to Medical Aid. The information the Medical Aid has and the information Lancet has do not match. According to the Medical Aid the 21/11/23 account was paid in full. Lancet disagrees, they say there is a balance of R2507.40. I cannot keep on phoning and dont get any joy from Lancet staff.
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Incident date: 26 March 2024
Amanda Grobler
24 April 2024
To date I have not had any reply on my complaint from Lancet Laboratoies.
Amanda Grobler
22 May 2024
I reconciled your account per day.
I spoke to the medical about group blood tests, the manner in which to be billed for payment, etc. I waited for about 3 weeks for Lancet to correct it & resubmit it to the fund for payment. In the meantime I kept on getting sms's with different outstanding balances. Last call from Lancet informing me that I will now be handed over. When I asked for amounts per day, they could not give it to me. WHAT A DISASTER for 8 months ongoing!!!!
Amanda Grobler
Amanda Grobler is awaiting brand resolution
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