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Lacoste - Lacoste gateway

No resolution
Pearl filed the complaint
29 November 2023
I purchased a shoe and golfer on sale but it does not fit and there is no stock for the size i wanted. I requested to be allowed to exchange it for another size but was noy allowed. I even requested if i could return it for any other shoe and golfer which cost double and i will pay in the difference as its available in the size i require. I dont want cash back or a credit note, i want another item ot the same item but in the correct size. The gateway staff completely refused. The manafer was very rude. He didnt even look at tge ptoduct abd just refused. He refused to come up with any solution yo assist me so now im stuck with a shoe and golfer that doesnt fit. The manager advised that you cannot even change for sizes once purchased on sale and that is against consumer act. They were so unhelpful. They completly refused to provide any solution which is so sad cos we have been such loyal customers to both gateway lacoste and levisons. I cannot believe that this is the service received from such a reputable, international brand. I await feedback as to a way forward.
Incident date: 29 November 2023
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