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KFC - Putrid quality

No resolution
Ayesha filed the complaint
3 October 2023
KFC in Rondebosch East is the worst. The service always sucks when wanting to buy at the restaurant drive through they're always telling you to wait in the parking where they deliver your meal after 15 minutes.

On this occasion I ordered in through bolt food. And got way less than acceptable quality.

The coleslaw was dry, absolutely no mayo in. The chicken on the zinger burger I ordered was smaller than my son's snack burger. Talk about cheap. To top it off, the sauce wasnr even the zinger sauce that I ordered. It was normal mayo. The chicken portions are the tiniest ever. And the chips with my son's snack burger was ice cold. What a waste of a over R300 order. I will not be returning to this terrible place. I'd rather spend extra petrol or pay more for delivery at an alternate KFC. This place needs a service check!!! And I need to be compensated for this crappy service please.
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Incident date: 3 October 2023
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