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KFC - Kfc order not delivered

No resolution
Nonkululeko Vilakazi
Nonkululeko Vilakazi filed the complaint
6 October 2023
Today 5th October, I ordered a meal online at KFC Hercules at 19h06.

19h22 I received an sms with my pin and that the driver is on his way.

19h24 the driver sent a message that he was on his way.

19h36 I received another sms with my pin and that the driver is on his way.

19h36 I receive another sms that my order has been delivered.

I called KFC Hercules and they did not pick up, so I drove to the store.

They called the driver he did not pick up, they called Uber Eats and they said there is nothing that they can do as the pin was entered, the pin never changes and its the last four digits of my cell number. Uber Eats requested to speak to me then they dropped the call.

I was advised to call KFC careline, i spoke to Lehlohonolo, he also couldn’t get hold of the driver and he told me UBer Eats said he must follow processes and send an email they will investigate.

Lehlohonolo also said he is not supposed to be escalating my call as the pin was entered and there’s nothing they can do.

When i ask for my money back I’m told its not possible because the pin was entered, i have to wait for the investigation, when i ask how long it will take, he said he doesn’t know as the pin was entered.

I live in a security estate and the pin i provided for the driver to enter was never used, there is no record of him even entering the estate.

I want my money back, I ordered from KFC so I don’t know how it is now my problem that the Uber Eats driver stole my food. This is not something new, it has been happening, now they are pretending like its the first time its ever happening
Incident date: 5 October 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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