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Jet - Wrong price and laughed by jet staff

No resolution
Amogelang Mosimanyane
Amogelang Mosimanyane filed the complaint
9 February 2022
I went to jet store yesterday at 17:19 to buy school shoes for my son, I saw the pair of R169 size 8 and went to till to pay , when I get there I was told the shoes is R240 I asked why cause I see the price on tag.
The lady by the name Boipelo went to call the manager Keolebogile, she came and also said the same thing I asked but I have a pair with a price that I see and money for it u tell me about the price that u see, instead the Staff lady at the till Boipelo laughed at me , I then asked her if she is laughing at me she then laughed again.
I am very disappointed in their service and the nature they handle customers, thinking that I decided to go to jet before they close to get shoes for my son only to be laughed at....
It's like a customer is noting and doesn't have rights.
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Incident date: 8 February 2022
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