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Jet - Unfair treatment

No resolution
Chizabulyo Gift
Chizabulyo Gift filed the complaint
28 December 2021
i went to Jet this afternoon to buy something for myself i was puting my mask on i was following all the covid procedure when i enterd the staff member on the door did not show me whrere to put the things i was carrying so i put them on the where i saw other goods for customers the staff member on the door stated shouting at me and told me to leave the shop while i did nothing wrong i only went the to buy so i dont know if this is how JET Katima mulilo works its not a good way to treat customers u will keep on loosing a lot of customers if staff members in side the dont change their thinking capacity torwads customers please management do something its not the first time this thing happened to me am even scared to visit JET again management please help
Incident date: 28 December 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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