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Jet - Store payment took 2 weeks to reflect

No resolution
Bontle filed the complaint
7 December 2023
I went to make a payment at Jet Randburg square store on the 23rd of Nov 2023( Thursday) and continued to get calls and texts that i did not make a payment. I went to the store on Monday to check because at this point my mind was playing tricks with me feeling scammed since i even lost my receipt. At the store they can see my payment but payment is not allocated to my account, we call head office and was told to send POP which i did but calls continued to pour in and being threatened and being accused of lying that i did not pay or send POP. I went back to the store i made a payment at which is Randburg and i stay in Roodeport, we called head office again and spoke to a very rude young lady who told me my bank is the one holding on to my money and theres nothing they can do from their side and that im making noise to wrong people. At this point im frustrated and as much as this is making no sense i went to my bank just for them to confirm exactly what i know. Long story short : The payment was allocated 2 weeks later and my account has accumulated interest and no one is responsible for that but me. After soo much petrol spend on 2 unnecessary trips, soo much money spend on calls i made between the store and soo called head office and the time i had to leave work and frustration.
Incident date: 7 December 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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