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Jet - Poor work and client service

No resolution
mariechen filed the complaint
28 July 2021
So we went to Mall of the South Jet there

I was paying my account and wanted to buy on the account as well so as we got everything standing in a long que the lady form jet tell us that the system is coming and going... anyways got to front told they lady i want to pay my account.. w2itch i paid my account more then what the installment was then the cashier ring up the cloths and she said i had to pay in ,i said to her oky so i pay in the amount requested.. still it does what to go thru!!!!!!!! So after the 3rd try she said she is going to refund my money the money i paid extra..... give me some slips but never the money she said it will return on my card what never happened till to day 28.07.2021 no money so what do i do now she never give me any money back so now i loose that money i have all the slips all the proof
I'm very upset with jet at the moment i want this issue resolved immediately or i go head and take it further

Miss Morsner
Incident date: 24 July 2021
11 August 2021
im still waiting for response
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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