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Jet - Jet clothing stores

No resolution
Kobus Swanepoel
Kobus Swanepoel filed the complaint
16 August 2023
I have a huge issue with Jet stores.
I bought clothes on my Edgars account at Jet store Delmas, Mpumalanga for the amount of R 1376.91 on the 7th of Augustus 2023. Jet custormer slip ref 452560032962/ 452560032960

The cashier did not ask me on which plan do I want to buy the clothes.
When I had to sign for the customer slip, I saw that the plan that she chose
for me was “24 months revolving credit”. I told her she made the wrong selection.
I never buy on any plan more than 6 months, because our account is hardly used.

She admitted that she did not know that you can select 6,12,24 months revolving credit.
I specifically asked for 6 months, because we never do 12 months or more.
I asked her to cancel the transaction. What she did, and did a new one as “Straight”

Today (16th of August) we received our account, and it stated 24 months revolving plan.
I did not give permission for this. When I finally got hold of your customer line, I spoke to a
Lady, she told me that I have no choice when I buy at Jet. This is what it is when I
use my Edgars card.

This is against the law, and nowhere did we sign up for this agreement.
I want my plan of payment for 6 months. Nothing more.
You charge me interest on 24 months, and that is illegal.
This is dishonest and is abusing clients.
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Incident date: 16 August 2023
Kobus Swanepoel
4 September 2023
Still waiting on Jet Stores to reply on my complaint.
Kobus Swanepoel
18 September 2023
Jet stores is utterly poor for not responding to complaints.
Kobus Swanepoel
2 October 2023
Still waiting on Jet stores for response.
Kobus Swanepoel
16 October 2023
Still waiting on Jet for response.
Kobus Swanepoel
31 October 2023
Still waiting on Jet
Kobus Swanepoel
28 November 2023
Your service is absolutely poor!!!!
Kobus Swanepoel
27 December 2023
Jet stores you are pathetic..
Kobus Swanepoel
Kobus Swanepoel rated the brand
10 January 2024

Jet stores are crooks. They rob their clients. The don't have the option for 6 months, only 12/24 months. This is illegal. They don't ask their clients witch option they want.

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