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Jet - Disappointing service experience due to unresolved security tag issue

No resolution
Monde filed the complaint
28 December 2023
I recently encountered an incredibly frustrating experience at Jet retail store in 18b Hill St Pinetown, Durban, 3610 that left me deeply disappointed with their customer service and security measures. My wife had purchased a baby blanket from this store some time ago, only to realize now, as we prepare for the arrival of our new baby, that the security tag was still attached.

When I approached the store to rectify this issue, I was met with an appalling lack of understanding and cooperation. Despite not having the receipt but possessing the packaging with the barcode, the staff directed me to the manager, who seemed disinterested in hearing my situation without the proof of purchase.

What baffled me most was the reluctance to acknowledge the technical aspects of their own systems. Each barcode is inherently linked to a transaction ID in their database, which theoretically should have allowed them to trace and resolve this issue promptly. However, the manager seemed oblivious to this capability, showing no willingness to investigate or utilize their system to assist me.

Moreover, this incident brings to light a concerning security loophole within the branch. The fact that their security alarms failed to trigger when my wife exited the store with the tagged item raises serious questions about their security measures.

Overall, my experience with this Jet store was nothing short of disappointing. Their dismissive attitude towards a legitimate issue, the lack of effort to utilize their own systems for resolution, and the evident security loophole make it challenging for me to trust their services and security protocols in the future. I hope this feedback prompts them to reevaluate their customer service practices and security measures for the benefit of their clientele.
Incident date: 27 December 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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